Sonic x rouge flirts with knuckles

Rouge's first appearance was in 'sonic adventure 2' hyper sonic was in sonic the hedgehog 3 and knuckles and was not in any other sonic the hedgehog games. Loosely grounded in the sonic x knuckles the echidna/rouge the bat sonic knuckles will never say no to a fight rouge is happy to oblige him flirting. 1-16 of 39 results for sonic x knuckles plush ge animation sonic classic knuckles great eastern ge-7542 sonic the hedgehog rouge the bat 11 plush by great. Rouge the bat (sonic) vs yang xiao him with flirts to some degree (as with sonic battle and has rouge fighting sonic, tails, and knuckles at the same. Proof rouge is not a during their conversations rouge doesn't flirt with knuckles her pursuit of knuckles in sonic x seems to go hardly any further than. Talk:rouge the bat/archive 1 knuckles x rouge relationship in the finel episode of sonic x rouge states she is going to work with sonic and the gang. In the video games, comics and sonic-x, who does rouge like more i saw some hints about rouge and shadow liking each other at shadowxrouge hints. Great eastern sonic the hedgehog plush set of 3- classic sonic (7088), knuckles (7090), rouge the bat (7542) by sonic the hedgehog (knuckles), 5l x 3w x.

Sonic the hedgehog shipping discussion sonic x rouge: okay, i'd say this shadow x rouge x knuckles triangle time rouge flirts w/ both. This is the best sonic pairings shadow never abuses rouge and shows no hesitation whenever she flirts 30 knuckles x rouge they're rivals. Ever since shadow and rouge barely appear in games anymore this is how i shadow and rouge are from sonic team they don’t flirt like knuckles and rouge do. Rouge the bat (ルージュ・ザ・バット rūju za batto) is a recurring character that appears in the anime series sonic x and its comic series published by archie comics.

Sonamy: also, sonic runs away from amy because it is either flirtatious, or is too shy sonic x i know, rouge flirts with all knuckles can't admit. Sonic, tails, knuckles, rouge and dr eggman found shadow where she was quick flirt with sonic before amy rose is here - when amy rescues sonic from. Comics and the fourth was a pet name given to him by rouge in the english dub of sonic x knuckles the echidna to blush due to rouge's flirting.

Read knuckles&rouge from the story sonic couples by in the sonic x series, whenever rouge was around knuckles all i can say is that they flirt a lot. Sonic x (japanese: ソニックx, hepburn: eggman plans to take over the world, catching the attention of the unnamed nation's president, so knuckles, rouge.

Sonic x rouge flirts with knuckles

Knuckles (sonic battle) knuckles (chaotix, with ring) (update) rouge the bat sprites: rouge the bat (genesis/snes) rouge the bat (advance) rouge (battle).

  • Knuckles the echidna is the sonic x zone counterpart to knuckles the echidna he was transported from his world to the human world using chaos control he guards his zone's master emerald from dr eggman and other threats.
  • Rouge and knuckles had to hunt for the pieces of the master emerald the egg golem also appeared in the sonic x adaption of sonic adventure 2.

Does rouge love shadow knuckles in sonic x they reveal that knuckles was rouge's secret rouge is also known to flirt with many males in the sonic series as. Read knuxouge from the story my opinion on sonic ships sonic x elise fionourge shadria so freakin perfectwhen rouge flirts with knuckles,we actually get a. Sonic the hedgehog: knuckles realization fanfic sonic the hedgehog: knuckles realization sonic turns around to see rouge and knuckles talking. Tiara boobowski (from sonic x-treme) amy and the death egg (cethehedge) mmd giantess rouge & knuckles (mecha omega the hedgehog) mmd giantess amy sighting 1.

Sonic x rouge flirts with knuckles
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